How to Connect again

How to Connect again

June 15, 2018 Family Building 0

Hey everyone,

Over the past few years, I’ve been in relationships that have lost connections.  I’ve also had many friends confide in me that their connection with their significant other has diminished and they just don’t know how to make that connection again.  Well, I’m here to tell you “You can get it back” or make a new one in the same relationship “YEAY”.

The conventional way to reconnect with your partner is the age-old word “Communicate”, I’m here to tell you that’s not always the case.  What I’ve found out is sometimes you need to just get away from the other person.  Sometimes it’s not communicating that’s the key.  You can communicate, and communicate, talk and talk, realize where you need to grow over and over.  While all of that openness is great and it is definitely essential to a great, meaningful, open and growing relationship.  Sometimes we concentrate on that just a bit too much.

A lot of the time it’s just getting away from one another for a period of time, and remember it’s not to say that you don’t “Want” to be around them but we need our space.  Everyone needs to work on themselves, this helps in a few ways.

  • It helps you realize why you want to be around the other person and helps you to realize what you really love about the person and their attributes.
  • It also helps you continue to make yourself a better person, remember that person didn’t fall in love with you that loves them, they fell in love with you before you guys actually fell in love.

A lot of times we lose who we are as an individual in a relationship, that’s because we start spending more time building the relationship than building us.  Always remember that your loved one fell in love with you not the person that is constantly just working on that one relationship.  Remember the attributes that you had before you guys met, the hobbies that you did before you met.  That’s what they fell in love with, not the person that can’t think for themselves without the others opinion.


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