The Importance of Agility in Soccer

The Importance of Agility in Soccer

July 9, 2018 Soccer Conditioning 0

The best part about soccer is that it is never the same and it is always dynamic, meaning the game is ever changing.

It’s always changing and we never know exactly what is going to change and where it is going to go.  We can practice different scenarios and different options but we can never truly know what is going to be going on in another players head.  So we can never really know what options they see.

Why train?

That’s why we have to train and be agile.  As a player, we have to be able to explode in any direction.  we have to be able to quickly jump forward, backward and side to side.  Most of the game we are going from a still or slow movement to all-out sprint.  If we don’t train for these situations we could get seriously injured or worse, we could get beat on the field 🙂

What muscles to train!

Here is the real question, what muscles do you need to train?  We want the best results in the smallest amount of time so we are not wasting our time right.   Well here is the real struggle, we don’t know which muscles are going to be needed and which are going to be used the most.   That is why we have to train all of our muscles that make us in top shape.  We have to train upper body and lower body.  In order to be agile on the field, we have to push our body in ways we wouldn’t think of so we can be prepared for a game like situation.

Need help?

Do you want to get better and agiler on the field?  Do you know of someone that wants to improve?  Let me know.

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