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I could do an entire 2-hour training on integrity. But I won’t bore you with that here. I will, however, share with you what I do and what I teach my clients about integrity. Also about why I feel it’s so important.


First off why is it important to have integrity? The main reason is growth. You as a player, person, or Leader will never grow and become the best version of yourself on or off the field if you don’t keep your integrity. If you are constantly cutting corners, hiding what you’re doing, keeping your actions and motives secret then you will never be able to improve yourself. It’s best to share the information you have and help those around you.

What is Integrity

This is the biggest thing, I mean how can you keep your integrity if you don’t know what it is? The simplest form is, integrity is saying you will do something and actually doing it. It really sounds super simple but our society has lost this value long ago. I strive daily to keep my integrity and instill that in my clients and the teams that I train. I am not always nice about it either but the practices show up daily, as in the picture below.

How do we keep integrity during training?

All of my clients know, and some of the parents, that when you mess up the ladder or hurdle so that another player has to fix it well then it’s push up time. We all make mistakes, on the soccer field, just like in life, when we make a mistake the only thing we can do is move forward and deal with the consequences later. When I’m training everyone knows they have 10 pushups to do when they mess up and it has to be fixed. It’s nothing wrong it’s just facts. I do hold everyone accountable to that, and they know I will so they just do them because they understand this fact. I had someone try and explain their way out of it once, in the end, they knew what needed to be done and accomplished the task at hand.

Why Pushups?

Everyone one on the pitch needs to be able to do a throw-in. We all need to work our bodies evenly so in order to do that I challenge my players. So if they don’t do pushups due to mistakes they will eventually do them because I tell them it’s time. This way doing it as a mistake helps control their feet, move faster, control the ball more, and builds upper body strength

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