Soccer conditioning Day #5

Soccer conditioning Day #5

June 15, 2018 Soccer Conditioning 0

Soccer conditioning Day #5 Fun Games

Today we wanted to share with you some fun games that we like to play, there are a lot more but these are just a few.  Look for future video’s to have some more fun games to play with your kids

We start off with some follow the leader, the kids LOVE this as they get to be the one in the lead most of the time.  It’s great because they push themselves during this game.  Even if it’s just so they can make it challenging for their siblings, they have to try and be better. It’s great and a good fun competition for them.  Most of the time they start off with something simple like dribbling around the cones, then they try to progress to using only one foot or just the outside of the foot.  I love when they see everyone is either following or passing them and they want to really push and throw in double scissors while they are running.  Most of the time they trip over their feet, or they fall on the ball but sometimes, every once in awhile they totally NAIL it.   This is your opportunity to fumble and just let them be better than you, they love it and it gives you an opportunity to cheer them on.

Then we moved over to the wall game, this is so much fun and something you can do by yourself to practice alone.  First, you set the rule of how many times they can hit the ball either 1 or 2 times.  we usually start with 2 and that just goes on for far too long and shorten it to 1.  For this game, you simply kick the ball against the wall and try to mess up the other players by making them run for it.  If you set how many times each player can hit the ball they have to hit it that many times and after that it must hit the wall or they are out.  REMINDER!! Do not use a good ball for this!  Kicking a soccer ball against a concrete or brick wall will destroy the ball.

These are just 2 fun games to do with your kids and it’s an extremely good way to connect with them on a few different levels.  Now it’s your turn get out there and have fun playing with your kids.

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