Stand out on the pitch

Stand out on the pitch

July 17, 2018 Soccer Conditioning 0

Standing out

There are so many different ways to stand out on the soccer field.  I concentrate on the way that is the most effective and productive for myself and my team.  That is YOU!  You were put on that team for a reason, so show you.  You can go out and train almost daily.  You can even watch videos that help you to do some amazing tricks.  There are videos out there about anything and everything you want to do on the pitch.  The best impact and the best way to stand out is to be a part of your team.  You must contribute to and support your team in a collective and collaborative way.


I’ve talked before about being a leader, and a leader must also be a follower.  In order to make a positive contribution to your team dynamic, you must first find out where you can contribute.  Where your skills meet the needs of the team.  That’s how you collaborate and talk with the team.  When you lead you must collectively come up with one strategy that works for the team. Give your input but be open-minded to how others may think so you can come up with a single team strategy.  This goes for youth and adult, as a youth you have to be open and willing to step up and share your concerns or ideas with your coach.


You also have to be ready to put yourself where your skills are needed.  That may even be in a position you don’t necessarily like, or want to be in but you have the best skills. This is how you can truly support your team.  If you go and train the way you are supposed to then you do truly have a lot of skills.  You should already have the ball control skills and knowledge of what your team does, and where the strengths are.  Even if it’s on the sideline cheering and encouraging.  As a coach the players on the bench are invaluable.  Everyone see’s things in different ways and I absolutely love the input from my subs.

Ultimately you choose what you want to stand out for and be known for.  Just please make sure it’s positive and ask your self (Is this adding to or taking away from the team?).


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