Ana Mummert

“In 2017 Ana had a rough year with 2 knee dislocations just months apart. Because the 2nd dislocation that year was her 3rd overall the next step was surgery on July 6. She went through 6 months of physical therapy and was released to go back to practice and games in January 2018. She was excited but very nervous and had lost a lot of her confidence. After speaking with Coach Matt we decided to try a session. Ana finished that session tired and sweaty and asked when she could train with him again. We knew it was a great fit. He’s tough but could really sympathize with Ana’s situation. She has regained her confidence on the pitch and was selected again for the 2018/19 CCL elite club travel team as well as being selected as one of the Varsity Captains for her high school team. Thanks Coach Matt Conti.” — Teresa Mummert (Ana’s Mother)

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