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Coach Matt helps players set goals and level up their skills, no matter what position you play. Learn the tricks of the pros, get in excellent shape, and improve your game!

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Does your team want to improve as a whole?  With team training,  we can make sure you are all making forward progress together.

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Do you have business in sports coaching/training that you would like to grow? The system we will use can help you reach more players and scale your business.

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About Our Soccer Training

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At Second Half Soccer we understand the importance of being able to finish a game you start. It’s imperative to be able to compete at the same level in the last 5 minutes of a game as you do in the first 5 minutes of the game. That’s why our training sessions start with conditioning, then transition into ball control, and end with ball control in position-specific training.

Whether you are training for a 9, 10, 7 or 1 position, we have you covered all over the field.  We have specific trainings for all positions on the pitch.  We understand that the bulk of the training results come from what our clients do outside of trainings, on their own.  We push for leadership and hold the players accountable on what they do on their own.  There are no successful players that didn’t do training on their own, all players have to have a passion to train alone sometimes to really hone in on their specific skills.


What parents & players say….

The satisfaction of our clients is what sets our training apart. Here are a few of our reviews:


“In 2017 Ana had a rough year with 2 knee dislocations just months apart… Ana finished [her first] session tired and sweaty and asked when she could train with him again. We knew it was a great fit. He’s tough but could really sympathize with Ana’s situation.”

Teresa Mummert
Player: Ana Mummert
Virginia Legacy Soccer Club



Kahn Soccer Player“Coach Matt is fantastic. My son looks forward to his sessions and in just 6 weeks we have seen a difference in his strength, confidence, ball handling and fitness levels. I can not recommend him highly enough.”

Shanna Kahn
facebook reviews

“Excellent soccer training! Matt is tough but encouraging and really knows his stuff! He has a background of personal training and group fitness, and he is knowledgeable and empathetic towards those with sports injuries because he’s been there. He knows what to do to get you playing like yourself again (actually, even better)! Train with Coach Matt if you really want to learn, get in shape, and improve your game!”

Erica Rice, Google Reviews
Clubwaka Peninsula soccer Player

From the Second Half Journal

Keep up with what’s going on with Second Half Soccer, gain some tips and tricks to up your game, become a stronger leader and a more positive and influential player, on and off the field.

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As it starts to get cold remember to do some extra warm-up. It takes longer to loosen the muscles so to prevent tears and strains make sure you are doing[…]

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Work on what you need to work on.

I was working with about 4 kids at once last week, each play different positions and each have different goals. I had to remind a few of them. You are[…]

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Time to recover from another injury

Injured yet again sigh

When we play hard, sometimes injuries happen. That’s when we push ourselves to recover and come back stronger.

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July 6, 2021 0

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