Author: Matt Conti

Training in the cold

As it starts to get cold remember to do some extra warm-up. It takes longer to loosen the muscles so to prevent tears and strains make sure you are doing extra to warm those legs up. A good way is to do a short run/jog before training in conjunction with normal warm up.

November 16, 2021 0

Work on what you need to work on.

I was working with about 4 kids at once last week, each play different positions and each have different goals. I had to remind a few of them. You are working on this, they are working on something totally different. We can’t watch others all the time we have to work on our goals and…
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July 8, 2021 0
Time to recover from another injury

Injured yet again sigh

When we play hard, sometimes injuries happen. That’s when we push ourselves to recover and come back stronger.

July 6, 2021 0
Return from injury

Confidence after injury

Every session we are rebuilding confidence when you are returning from an injury.

July 1, 2021 0
6 Ways to Lead as a Center Attacking Midfielder in Soccer

Leadership as a Center Attacking Midfielder

Center Attacking Midfield, also known as: – The 10 Position – CAM – Center Attacking Mid Leadership in soccer positions such as this one are sorely overlooked. From the looks of it, you have playmakers behind you and playmakers in front of you. What’s the need for leadership here when you have skilled players all…
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May 15, 2019 0
6 Ways a striker can lead their soccer team

6 Ways to Lead as a Striker

The striker, also known as the 9-position. In the soccer community, we all know that the striker’s job is to score goals. However, that’s only one part of the position’s job, the part that the outside world sees. In reality, the striker’s job is to lead their team with skill, foresight, good judgment calls, perseverance,…
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April 11, 2019 0

Be Prepared with the Right Equipment

If you don’t have a table saw, you can’t rip a sheet of plywood. If you don’t have a lawn mower, you can’t mow the lawn. If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can’t screw in a screw. If you don’t have the right equipment to get a job done, you just can’t complete a…
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October 4, 2018 0

Why No Soccer “How-To’s”?

As you can see, I don’t just post a bunch of “How-To” videos of dribbling, juggling, and touches.  Occasionally, I will, but I truly believe that playing good soccer is more about the MINDSET. As long as you train on the fundamentals daily, get the right touches in, and know how to support your teammates,…
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August 20, 2018 0

Why You Should Play Against Better Players

“But they’re better than me!” Not a lot of people like to admit that someone is better than them at anything. It is essential though. You have to be able to admit that a person, or another team, is better than you.  In order to grow, you must play against people and teams that are better than…
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August 2, 2018 0

Improve Ball Control

Better touches on the ball We all want to improve our touches on the ball right?   RIGHT!!  I mean who doesn’t?  There are simple things you can do at home to improve your ball control skills. I need equipment So many people think they need extra equipment. I love training and the best part is…
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July 20, 2018 0