6 Ways to Lead as a Striker

6 Ways to Lead as a Striker

April 11, 2019 Leadership in Every Soccer Position 0
6 Ways a striker can lead their soccer team

The striker, also known as the 9-position. In the soccer community, we all know that the striker’s job is to score goals. However, that’s only one part of the position’s job, the part that the outside world sees.

In reality, the striker’s job is to lead their team with skill, foresight, good judgment calls, perseverance, and support. A lot of responsibility is placed on the striker.

The Many Jobs of a Striker

#1 – Score Goals

Strikers do score goals for the team. If they don’t score any goals the team can’t win.

#2 – Set Up Other Players to Score Goals

Strikers also lead by setting up other players for goals. In doing so, they sometimes need to take the back seat and follow. Strikers must draw defenders towards them in order to open up the field for other players to create the attacking run. Strikers are not the only players to make attacking runs. Sometimes they have to lead by following and set other people up for success.

Being a striker isn’t all about the glory. It’s about glory for the team as a whole, not just individual. What viewers typically see on TV is one guy celebrating, but it’s a collective effort from eight or more players. This is why often times after the striker scores he or she will point to another player.

#3 – Get In a Position to Receive the Ball

It’s also the striker’s job to make themselves available for the rest of the team. If they don’t position themselves to be available to receive the ball they can’t get the ball and take a shot.

#4 – Be Fast, Be Agile

The striker has to be able to outrun pretty much everybody on the field for half of the field – about 50 yards. Not only that, but do that with a ball at their feet!

They have to be extremely quick on their feet. They’ve got to be able to cut left, cut right, all within inches of each other and be able to do it with a ball at their feet.

#5 – Kick, Accurately

Strikers must have precision accuracy. They have to be able to shoot a ball at any part of the goal from at least 15 yards out – and not at the goalie. One of the biggest struggles for a striker is being able to pick your target and hit that target with the ball, all while the keeper and defense are in your opposition.

#6 – Persevere

You have to have a goal and stick to it without distractions. This is much like life. Sometimes while working towards your goal you have to do things you didn’t think you would need to, such as asking someone for help or give someone else control of the project or situation. For example, playing the ball off to another player and supporting them.

In the end, you must be ready to do whatever it takes to finish the project and SCORE. Even if it means forcing yourself into the right position or forcing an opportunity to happen.

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