Why You Should Play Against Better Players

Why You Should Play Against Better Players

August 2, 2018 Soccer Conditioning 0

“But they’re better than me!”

Not a lot of people like to admit that someone is better than them at anything. It is essential though. You have to be able to admit that a person, or another team, is better than you. 

In order to grow, you must play against people and teams that are better than you.  You have to challenge yourself. 

Just like the other topics I write about, such as consistency, training in bad weather, etc. You have to keep challenging yourself daily!

“But, WHY?”

Some of my players complain and say, “Why? It’s too hard!” That is the exact reason.

When someone is better than you, they really challenge you. Just like the concept of how we train every session at second half with our fitness, you need to train to skill level.  If you can beat someone that is better than you, then you are improving yourself.  Your skill level is getting better.

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